Apple’s big release – iPhone5S and iPhone5C

Apple’s iPhone 5S and iphone 5C released two day before. Iphone5c offers an A6chip, 8 mp camera and new iOS7 with attractive color. IPhone5c will be available in blue, green, yellow, and white and red. Apple will go to offer this device at $99 for 16 GB and $199 for 32 GB, with very attractive price rage phone.

To view its functionality iPhone5S offers images64 bit A7 processing chip along with M7 motion –sensoring chip. A7 coupled with M7 enable new App on iPhone5S because it has facility to track users.As we heard that iphone5S offers implement photo taking feature including color filter, image stabilization and motion photography. since Apple is  offering 8 megapixel camera which is much less than 13 megapixel camera of Galaxy Note 3

For security purpose iPhone 5S includes fingerprint sensor. Apple will set term of fingerprint sensor security and this has enormous implication in mobile commerce. This security value offered by fingerprint sensor technology for vendor and consumer.Apple also announced its distribution and iPhone will launch in china at 20 September. iPhone will available in 100 countries by December 2013. Now Apple’s new iOS 7 will be available on 18 September on all iPhone4+, iPad2+, iPad mini and so on

iPhone 5S offers security for enterprise users and  as well as personal users who are worried about information stored on their device. It also offers gamer greater processing, graphics and speed that have been available previously on iOS device. Hence iPhone5S same as 4S, additionally includes in graphic colored variant. While iPhone5C is brand new plastic-chasis Smartphone an amazing and attractive mid-range phone with full functionality and features.
iPhone5S hardware as somewhat upgrades of iPhone 5, there will be the same dual core CPU, upgraded quad-core. Its feature will be embedding fingerprint scanning technology in the display. And its home button will make lot more sense.

One of most popular accessory for Apple iPhone’s is Otterbox. Many people use this Otterbox to keep their iPhone safe from drop and bumps. Otterbox has also announced that particular case for iPhone5S.  This is clearly protected device available in new Apple Smartphone.The 5S is for every people who want all the speed and features of newest iPhone and 5C is for the people who doesn’t need latest and greatest device and  they are just  good  that for $99.

Some Outsourcing Companies are plan for developing mobile Apps for particular device and they are hiring developers for developing ultimate product.



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